Mercedes-Benz Certified Vehicle Warranty

Approved Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty

When we go to such lengths to comprehensively check every Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle, it should come as no surprise that all qualifying vehicles have an Mercedes-Benz Certified factory warranty. The Warranty is only available for New Zealand new, Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles officially imported by Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Limited, and purchased from an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership in New Zealand.

When you purchase a Mercedes-Benz Certified, you receive a 1 year or 2 year, unlimited kilometre, nationwide factory backed pre-owned vehicle warranty. 

In the case of a vehicle less than 2 years old, the total warranty period is the balance of the new car warranty, and in addition a minimum 1 year Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty, which commences at the expiration of the Mercedes-Benz New Passenger Car 3 Year Owner Protection Plan.

In the case of a vehicle less than 6 years old, the Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty period commences after any remaining new car warranty has expired, or on the date of delivery of the Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle at an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership in New Zealand. 

What does the Mercedes-Benz Certified warranty cover?

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty provides coverage for manufacturing defects and a range of breakdown and roadside assistance situations almost anywhere in New Zealand.
Mercedes-Benz will repair or replace (at our election) manufacturing defects in material or workmanship which arise during the relevant Warranty period free of charge.
However, the Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty only covers vehicles imported and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. It does not cover any modification, accessories, bodies or other goods or services supplied by a third party manufacturer.

What doesn't the Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty cover?

The Warranty covers the same mechanical components and exclusions as set out in the Mercedes-Benz New Passenger Car Owner Protection Plan, subject to a number of additional excluded components as summarised below. Please see the Mercedes-Benz Certified Warranty booklet for more detail on the exclusions. These components are excluded from the Warranty:
  • Consumable items such as oil seals, gaskets, external linkages, clutch friction plates, spark plugs, ignition leads, recharging air conditioners, fuel, lubricants and coolants.
  • Any items that require replacement as part of normal vehicle maintenance including batteries, leads, glow plugs, belts, filters, hoses, globes, brake and clutch linings, brake pads, disc rotors and disc and drum machining.
  • Repairs required for wheels, tyres, paintwork, chrome, seals, panels and bodywork, all glass items, decorative or trim components which include seat covers, door trims, soft top or convertible roof, covers, carpets, edge protectors, cup holders, ashtrays and telephone equipment and software.
  • Exhaust systems, including manifold, engine pipe, muffler, pipe sections, tail pipe and mounts.

When does the Warranty cease to apply?

The Warranty will cease to apply if:
  • the vehicle is modified from the manufacturer’s specifications without our approval;
  • the vehicle is not serviced at the intervals or time or distance specified in the Maintenance Booklet;
  • the vehicle is used in motor sport, competition, rally or race;
  • the vehicle is used as a police or other emergency vehicle;
  • the vehicle is used outside of New Zealand;
  • the vehicle is used for a purpose for which it was not designed;
  • the vehicle is assessed as a write off, repairable write off or total loss;
  • the vehicle is sold via a public auction;
  • the vehicle is used for commercial or public transport purposes such as a taxi, limousine or other hire, rental or charter vehicle;
  • the odometer reading cannot be determined as accurate as a result of it being inoperative, tampered with, altered, disconnected or removed from the vehicle; or
  • the vehicle becomes unroadworthy or unregistered
  • you cease to be the registered owner of the vehicle

How do I get assistance to correct a manufacturing defect?

Obviously we want to get you back on the road as quickly and as effortlessly as we can.

  • Present the vehicle to an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer immediately or as soon as practicable after a defect arises.
  • You must also present a copy of the Warranty booklet provided to you at delivery together with the vehicle’s Service Booklet.
  • Repair work under the Warranty must be carried out by an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer using Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.
  • You must permit the authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer to fully inspect the vehicle. Some repairs, diagnosis or replication of the defect may not be possible with only one inspection, so you may need to make more than one visit to an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.
  • Any parts that have been replaced as part of a Warranty repair will become the property of Mercedes-Benz.
  • If your vehicle requires emergency repair work and you are unable to deliver your vehicle to an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer, please contact Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance on 0800 320 230.

What costs are not covered?

The Mercedes-Benz Certified Vehicle Warranty covers the repair or replacement of manufacturing defects, but does not cover for the cost of any related expenses or losses caused by the defect, such as the cost of telephone calls, rental cars, hotels, taxis, downtime, inconvenience or any loss of profit, loss of revenue or contingent, consequential or indirect losses. 
The Warranty does not cover servicing, maintenance, tyres, consumables, normal wear and tear, the alignment of front and rear axels, wheel balancing and tyre rotation.

Other terms and conditions?

Any unexpired term of the Warranty cannot be transferred to new owners of your vehicle. 
These warranty terms apply to all Mercedes-Benz vehicles registered for Mercedes-Benz Certified Vehicle Warranty on or after 1 December 2006. 
Mercedes-Benz reserves to right to modify or amend the terms of the Warranty at any time without notice.
The Warranty is subject to further terms, conditions and exclusions. This is a summary of the main benefits, terms and exclusions of the Warranty and is not to be taken as a warranty document/statement. Please refer to the warranty booklet provided at delivery or contact your authorised dealer for all terms, conditions and exclusions of the Warranty.
The Warranty is issued by Mercedes-Benz New Zealand Ltd.