Van Service Plans

We’ll take care of your van so you can take care of business.
Van Service Plans

Whether you drive one van or operate a large fleet, planning and controlling operating costs is important. A Mercedes-Benz Vans Service Plan offers a range of maintenance and repair options at a pre-determined, transparent and low price.

With a Service Plan, our authorised Dealers perform maintenance and repairs to a Customer's vehicle according to an agreed schedule and pre-determined costs.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Service Plans offers three levels of Cover: BestBasic, SelectPlus and Complete.

Service Plan Options:

The maintenance package. All maintenance work in accordance to the maintenance booklet is covered.

Maintenance with vehicle repairs. Combines scheduled maintenance and vehicle repairs with the exception of brakes and wear parts.

Maintenance and repairs including brakes and wear parts. Complete is the best option for when you want comprehensive cover for your vehicle. This package includes the replacement, maintenance and repair of all wear parts. The complete genuine ‘peace-of-mind’ package.